Good Morning Comet Parents!

We hope that your Summer has been everything that you’ve wished for thus far! In just a few short weeks we will begin our 2019 Football Season. We want to share a few dates with you so you can pencil them in your calendars and plan ahead.

You should have by now received an email from your team coaches introducing themselves. Flag will be forthcoming this weekend.

Our monthly SEYFA League Mtg will be held next Wed (7/24) in Racine with all organizations leaders and most likely all the dates listed below should be approved to begin our 2019 season.

Tackle players make sure to get your chin straps and mouth guards before 7/31/19.

If you still need equipment OR you are in need of equipment adjustments, we will make sure you are taken care of opening week.

If you have ANY questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please check out our website at for all news and updates.

We’ve challenged all teams to try and gather $600 per team for Comet Sponsors to help with costs this season, if you or your company are interested, we would greatly appreciate your support at ANY level.

Conditioning Week – T-shirts, shorts, cleats, helmet (for tackle players) and WATER, WATER, WATER


Tues 7/30/19

NEWBIE CAMP – For NEW players only Flag thru 8th Grade – Chance for ONLY new Comet Players to meet coaches, learn what the org and practice is all about, and ask questions

Shorts, T-Shirts, Cleats only

530-730 PM Thelen Park


Wed 7/31/19

Opening Practice for ALL Comet Teams (Flag thru 8th grade)

530-730 PM Thelen Park

Mandatory Parent Meeting State Bank of the Lakes basement (min 1 parent per family required to attend)

600-700 PM State Bankl of the Lakes basement Spring Grove IL 60071

Thur 8/1/19

Practice for ALL Comet Teams (Flag thru 8th grade)

530-730 PM Thelen Park

Fri 8/2/19

Practice for ALL Comet Teams (Flag thru 8th grade)

530-730 PM Thelen Park

Sat 8/3/19

Comets Kick Off Party (Form attached)

Sun 8/4/19

Back-up Rain date (if needed) for Kickoff Party

Saturday 9/28:                  ALL teams play at Home = Fiesta Bowl = BIG Day for Comets!

Monday 9/30:                    Make up practice for all teams missing the 10/3 practice for homecoming

Thursday 10/3:                 No practice – ALL TEAMS Attend Homecoming Parade at RBHS

Friday 10/4:                       RBHS Homecoming

Saturday 11/9:                  Comets year end Banquet – Lakemoor Banquet Hall

                                            Times and more info to follow



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