Good Afternoon Comet Parents

The chart below indicates where the helmet count currently resides for the 2021 Comets Football Season.

We added nine players since last week.

We have also followed up and sent emails to those that did not complete their registration and were listed under an “incomplete” status.

A few coaches have received lists of their registrations and following up directly with parents/kids not yet signed up.

We are leveraging all options available to us at this point. Each day that passes, makes it more difficult to solidify a legitimate team.

Report by Grade:

1st grade still has very low numbers, but 2nd grade players clearly put them in an eligible status for a 2021 team.

Third and fourth grade are also both low numbers, but combined they just make the cut.

Fifth Grade added one, but is still short 4 minimum players to officially start in August.

Six grade has a legitimate team for 2021 as of today.

Seventh grade added one but is still short at least 6 players.

And 8th grade just makes the threshold with 15 players.

Registration will continue for a few more weeks until we cannot delay ordering the custom uniforms.

If you know of anyone pending regst right now because of paying, please have them consider using a three payment plan to make this process easier.

June, July, August payments. It’s critical to resolve registration sooner than later vs delaying as some teams will need to begin making team decisions in 4 weeks or less.

If there are other concerns, have them reach out to us.

If you can help in any way with players in any of the grades highlighted in yellow below (especially 5th and 7th) it would be greatly appreciated.

Seven weeks from TODAY until practice starts!

Rocket Camp is in FOUR Weeks!



1.      Attached are TWO forms for the upcoming Helmet Club Golf outing for the RB Rockets! Golfing is June 25th! If you cannot make it, even a small donation would greatly help this wonderful group that support the HS football program.

2.      Flag Parents, we’re looking for Coaches at this level. The more the merrier. We can train/instruct at practice for those that are new. Please email if you are interested.

3.      REMINDER – Coach Noll from the RB Rockets, is hosting the 2021 Rocket Camp (flyer attached). June 28th thru July 1st! Please don’t wait until the last minute to register so they can prepare well in advance.

Please forward this 2021 On-line Comet Registration info to anyone who has not yet signed up or interested!

HERE is the Flag link:


HERE is the Tackle link:

Registration issues or questions,

Please contact Abi @

OR – 815-451-2705

Our website

League website

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

God Bless you all and have a great week!


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