Good Morning Comet Parents!
The chart below indicates where the most recent helmet count resides for the 2021 Comets Football Season.
We added 9 more players this past week!
Report by Grade:
Flag added FOUR and is rocking a healthy 21 player roster
1st grade remained the same with overall low numbers. And the 2nd grade added another putting them well above an eligible status for a 2021 team.
Third grade added one player and fourth grade lost one player due to a regst error (wrong grade listed). Both have low numbers, but combined they clearly make the cut.
Fifth Grade added two, and is now at 16!
Six grade still at a healthy roster of players and is clearly the biggest group in our org by class for 2021.
Seventh added one player and is now at 15! Same as 5th  grade, hoping they can get to 16 or greater players overall.
And 8th grade added one is now up to 19 players.
Registration will continue for a few more weeks until we cannot delay ordering the custom uniforms.
If you know of anyone pending regst right now because of paying, please have them consider using a three payment plan to make this process easier.
June, July, August payments. It’s critical to resolve registration sooner than later vs delaying as some teams will need to begin making team decisions in 3 weeks or less.
If there are other concerns, have them reach out to us.
PARENTS – If you own your child’s helmet, it must be certified within the past two years. We will check them all at practice as we do annually.
If they don’t comply, they will be pulled and you will be scrambling for a new one. Current lead time on turnaround for helmet re-certification is 8 (eight) weeks!
We are looking for coaches at the following levels:
FLAG – We have possibly 4 now, will need at least 2-3 more minimum
1st/2nd – May need just a couple coaches
3rd/4th – Still Need a Head Coach and possibly 2 asst coaches. Need a decision on this next week.
5th – Good or possibly one more asst coach
6th – Need possibly two asst coaches.
7th – Good
8th – Good
Please contact us if interested.
FIVE weeks from today until practice starts!
Rocket Camp is in TODAY! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! (attached)
If you can’t make today, stop in tomorrow
1.      Flag Parents, we’re looking for Coaches at this level. The more the merrier. We can train/instruct at practice for those that are new. Please email if you are interested.
Please forward this 2021 On-line Comet Registration info to anyone who has not yet signed up or interested!
HERE is the Flag link:
HERE is the Tackle link:
Registration issues or questions,
Please contact Abi @<>
OR – 815-451-2705
Our website<>
League website<>
Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
God Bless you all and have a great week!

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