Good Morning Comet Parents

Hoping that all of our Comet Moms had a wonderful weekend!

We’re sending you this update to let everyone know that our EARLY BIRD online registration began early this morning for the 2021 Football Season. Although Fall sports in Illinois remains somewhat cloudy, we will continue to maintain very high hopes of “getting back onto the football field this Fall” as things seem to be getter better in most areas! We also want to let you know that as we continue to move forward with online registration, other things such as equipment fittings, t-shirt handouts, etc will be done at a later date.

Below are just a few things happening:

1.      Our SEYFA league mtgs were changed last month to be held now on the third Wednesday of the month in Racine, WI both in person and via Zoom. We voted in and brought aboard a league Director to coordinate all league activity.

2.      The SEYFA.ORG website was down for a period of time, but is now back up and running.

3.      We hope as registration progresses thru this month, we can at least identify what our rough estimated helmet count will be for all grades after three weeks of live online registration. This should give us an indication of what teams will have an adequate number of players to start a Fall team (15 min), and/or any teams that we will need additional players to hopefully field a 2021 team. As mentioned in all other emails and annually, PLEASE reach out to anyone interested! The 7th Grade team most likely will need a few more players so if you know of any parents with 7th grade (Fall) kids, please reach out to them. A $50 referral fee will be given to the recruiters of NEW Comet players that have not played in past years and stay enrolled thru the 2021 season for this grade. If any Coaches/Parents would care to speak to the kids at the school before the summer break, these were always very beneficial in years past. We’ll just need to know well in advance so we can request this thru the appropriate channels at the school. If finances are an issue, we will work together at gathering sponsorships/scholarships to get all kids on the field that want to play.

4.      At our league meeting, an August 2nd opening practice date was approved by all communities for the 2021 Season.

5.       This would put a Jamboree weekend date at 8/21/21. Opening game would be 8/28/21. Labor Day weekend OFF, then back to games on 9-11.

6.      In speaking with Coach Noll from the RB Rockets, he has given the green light of what the proposed date(s) will be for the 2021 Rocket Camp (flyer attached). June 28th thru July 1st! Please don’t wait until the last minute to register so they can prepare well in advance.

7.      The ending date of the season most likely will be 10/30/21.

8.      As stated earlier, we’ve RECENTLY added FOUR large programs to SEYFA and THREE of them are local! This is GREAT news… www.SEYFA.ORG. Johnsburg, St Mary’s (Woodstock), Wilmot. The fourth was RCP in Racine.

9.      The website is going thru a little construction so please bear with us as we add forms, update pages, etc..

HERE is the Flag link:


HERE is the Tackle link:

Registration issues or questions,

Please contact Abi @

OR – 815-451-2705

Our website

League website

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

God Bless you all and have a great Spring!


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