Good Afternoon Comet Parents!
Happy Spring!
Realizing that most of you probably have many other things going on in your lives as warmer weather kicks off Spring sports, Spring Break, etc…we just wanted to take a moment to pass along an update from the Comets football world.
From an Organizational Standpoint:
We’ve met every month as a league (SEYFA) except December 2021, including up until the latest mtg just a few weeks ago on 3/9/22.
We’ve held a Head Coaches mtg, Directors Mtg, and continue to facilitate the process for upcoming 2022 facility and equipment upgrades.
We’ve started the process of identifying 2022 head coaches, and after that’s complete we’ll begin next on assistant coaches at each level.
We’re looking to start on-line EARLY registration very soon.
If you know of any NEW families and kids in our area, please don’t hesitate to share this or any upcoming information.
Based on previous enrollment, we will most likely will need additional players in 5th and 8th grade (2022 FALL enrollment).
Also attached are TWO copies of the BGC Spring Flag league. If any player (or team) is interested, please let us know.
If enough from any one team and/or a parent wants to coach, we’ll share the cost if you join as a “team”.
MANY of our opponents play in this league, including our neighbors.
A few of the coaches in the younger grade levels with larger teams, are looking to do an “in house” gatherings playing amongst each other. More details coming for the young level as soon as all approvals of done.
Rockets Coaches Clinic for “Comet Coaches” ONLY
May 10th 5:30-7:30 & and May 17th 6:00-8:00
Possible 1st Equipment Fitting – Thelen Park
June 13th 530-730 PM
Make-up Equip Fitting – Thelen Park
June 20th 530-730 PM
Rockets HS Camp – ALL Comet Player Flag and Tackle or NEW kids
June 27th thru 30th  (Mon-Thur).
Sign up form is ATTACHED, and will also be posted to our website.
Newbie Camp – New Players only
Thursday July 28th 2022 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Opening Practice 2022 Season
Monday August 1st 2022 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Picture Day
Will be based upon availability of uniform delivery and Photographer availability
We expect before opening game though on 8/27/22
Jamboree (If hosted by SLC)
Saturday August 20th, 2022 Times based on grade levels
Opening Game
Saturday August 27th, 2022
Labor Day Weekend OFF
September 3rd, 2022
Super Bowl Weekend or Final SEYFA Weekend
October 29th 2022
If you feel that you’ve received this message in error please let us know and we can remove your email from our email listing.
Thanks and have a Safe and Warm Spring!
Go Comets

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