Good Morning Comet Parents!

Weather and Group Email/Text Alerts

Yesterday was our first cancelled practice due to lightning and thunder. The storm arrived right before practice, and it was probably ok to resume sometime around 630 as we have to observe a MINIMUM 30 minute delay after each and every lightning flash or thunder roll.

As stated at the parent mtg on 7/31, this is always very challenging to make the decision when it’s close to practice starting time based on what the weather indicates on radar apps, actual/visual sightings, and how long it may even last. Either way the kids safety will prevail each and every time and we’ll cancel if that’s what’s needed.

If you did NOT receive the text stating practice was cancelled yesterday, please email Abi at and we’ll get you added to the call/text list ASAP and confirmed from them that it was indeed handled.

If coaches want to hold a make-up practice this Friday for the lost practice yesterday, that will be their call by team. If you have already made plans for Friday, it will not be held against the Ironman Award.

2019 Jamboree

The 2019 SEYFA Jamboree hosted by the Stateline Comets is this Saturday. Grades 1st thru 5th will play from 10 AM to Noon. Grades 6th thru 8th will be from 2 PM to 4 PM. This is single handedly the largest youth football event in our county.

Please arrive when your coaches indicate to be there as the annual mandatory league weigh-in’s will be held well before the scrimmage start time.

Please park in the NORTH lot and save the South lot for the Officials, Emergency staff, Guests, and those needing assistance to get to the playing fields. If you have family members needing assistance, please ask and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Please follow the Police and Parking attendants directions.

Please drive SLOW.

Review your scrimmage schedule and playing locations that your coaches provide well BEFORE you arrive so you know exactly where you are going.

Bring lawn chairs, or blankets if you’re playing in an area without bleachers

Please pick up after yourselves and others after the event

Please enjoy this wonderful day and remember it’s a SCRIMMAGE. NO SCORE, it’s controlled play for teams that have had only 11 practices.

Please be respectful of officials, coaches, and guests.

Please take a moment to visit our concessions with a full selection of foods and even a Pig Roast!

Custom event T-Shirts will be available to those that ordered them thru your team.

Estimated 1500 people in the AM, 1500 people in the PM.

Picture Day is Next Week MONDAY 8/19/19 at 530 PM in FULL GAME GEAR


PLEASE ARRIVE @ 515 as we will start PROMPTLY at 530

Practice next week 8/20/19

Next week we will begin our NORMAL weekly practice regime for the rest of the season based upon league rules and back to school time.

Only variation will be dates that we have special events, annual school functions, or forced schedule changes based upon inclement weather

Opening Game next Saturday 8/24/19

The confirmed 2019 League game schedules are being distributed across the league today. You will get more info from Coaches and team moms of ALL the places to find this on a variety of websites. Below is just a snapshot of our Comets schedule. Weeks 6 thru 9 will be based upon wins/losses/playoffs and those times/locations will be provided during those upcoming weeks. The only other variation of this may involve a few time changes for FLAG GAMES after we confirm it directly with their group. We have a very healthy home favored schedule thus far. We WILL need lots of volunteer help. Please take a moment and review the volunteer sheets each week, and the commitment form that you signed back in April. Thank you in advance for your help!

2019 League Rules

A few adjustments are being made at the league level today and they should be made available for all very soon.

2019 Sponsors

We have until this weekend to take in any additional sponsors. We only have three of our seven teams sponsored thus far. Each home game costs a min $250 for officials and trainers. So example week one next week is $1500. That’s a LOT of sold hotdogs to just break even.

The software that the teams use for filming (HUDL) is nearly $500 per team. Any help here from any family, business, or organization would be greatly appreciated. Sponsor form is attached.

Communications and Information

We have a tremendous amount of information to sort thru prior to the start of each and every season. Most likely if you’re asking someone (Coach/Team Mom) for information, we’re already working on it and just don’t have all required approvals. Community leaders meet 11 of 12 months a year. We (Comets) are generally on the FRONT end receiving all information and that we can assure you. Please keep in mind that all league related topics must go thru 14 (FOURTEEN) community leaders, their coaches, our coaches, before it can be released to the general public. We certainly have no reason to hold back information, other than we want it to be fact and valid news before it’s released, and not to be corrected several times. Today’s technology certainly helps get information out very quickly. We just need the simple acknowledgement from ALL communities involved before we post schedules, rules, etc…

Thank you very much for your continued patience on all information requests going forward!


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