Good Afternoon Comet Parents

Just a few updates for this weekend….

1.     Weather – There’s a possibility that we may have thunder or lightning at some point tomorrow. If it’s a short storm the game will be delayed 30 minutes from last sighting of lightning. The Coaches and Officials will make the call. If it’s longer than that, the game will be cancelled and re-scheduled. Then we will move onto the next games time slot and monitor that until day’s end the very same way. Maybe neither will happen and all will be fine J. That’s our hope!

2.     Volunteers – Since the beginning of our programs existence many years ago, volunteering has been considered the function that make it effect for us to operate the way that we do. If you compare our home games to many others, you can generally identify the obvious differences. Volunteering also gives us a chance to offset some expenses that we pay weekly. One home games expense for officials and EMT’s is almost $250. So to host four games in one day equates to a lot of hotdog and hamburger sale revenue to operate in the green that weekend. There have been several emails all week from team moms reaching out for help from their teams in various areas.

a.     Concessions – We only had 2 parents for one of the 4 games that are being held tomorrow volunteer for the grill. So we will most likely cancel all hot food if we cannot find others to help or find someone that doesn’t have kids in the program and will help for free.

b.     Announcing, spotter, score keeper – It appears that we’re now filling up some of these spots from earlier this week after chasing this down. By rule, we MUST at least minimally have a clock in operation at all league games or risk the chance of forfeit.

c.      Field Marking – We’d like to give a huge Shout Out to Jason Weiler for the job that he does on our field. Day in and day out that field is on his mind BEFORE the season and certainly during. Watering, monitoring, marking…Jason generally needs help weekly lining the field so it looks great for each and every week. This also helps the officials make calls easier and helps the players identify what’s in or out of bounds, or what line is needed to make the play. Jason asks weekly for any help that we have available. Generally during practice on weekdays since most parents are already there sitting and watching. This is a great way to get your volunteer hours in, and requires little effort from you and you miss ZERO plays on game day.

d.     In the end…many helping hands pitching in make a lot of work…little work. We really don’t enjoy asking for help constantly any more than you do hearing it. But it’s what we need to keep the show going, we just do it. If we wanted to be the organization with reusable jerseys each year without names, and a score clock only, it’s certainly a lot simpler. But we don’t believe that’s who you want to be either or the experience for the kids.

e.     Deposit Checks – The team moms from each team will be looking at their volunteer sheets after this weekend. Next weekend is a HUGE day 9/28/19 (Fiesta Bowl). SEVEN games all at home with many special guests coming. If volunteer hours are zero on Monday, you will be receiving an email stating that we’re depositing the volunteer checks for week 5 on Wednesday as we have to plan accordingly and will hire HS kids to help if needed get the job done. After next week, teams are NOT guaranteed any home games the remainder of the year. So that means volunteer slots won’t be as plentiful. And if you do not have enough hours to complete your commitment for 2019, please strongly consider Field Marking or ANY other areas to get your hours in.

f.       To those of you that continue to volunteer time and time again without fail or saying anything…WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

3.     Upcoming Games – All Comet teams have established game schedules thru week 6. There are three weeks in SEYFA after that date. Some may or may not play in week 9. Weeks 7, 8, and 9 will be communicated each week on Monday’s starting the Monday of week 7 (10/7/19).

a.     Flag – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

b.     1st/2nd Grade – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

c.      3rd/4th Grade – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

d.     5th Grade – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

e.     6th Grade – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

f.       7th Grade – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

g.     8th Grade – Scheduled until 10/5 (week 6) only

4.     Rockets Homecoming – Rocket Homecoming week is 9/30/19. Practices WILL be modified that week for ALL teams. Most likely practicing an offsetting day earlier that week but NOT on Thursday 10/3 as the Comets will participate in the Rockets Homecoming Parade. More to follow.

Have a great weekend everyone and GO Comets!

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