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The Stateline Comets would like to welcome you to the All Community Youth Flag League!


The ACYFL was founded by the Stateline Comets, Johnsburg Jr Skyhawks, Westosha Falcon Youth Football, and Grayslake North Junior Knights.  This is not associated with SEYFA.

ACYFL does have it’s own set of rules and those will be sent out in a future email from our admin and/or your coach(es).

A few quick basics about ACYFL:

-This is a K-8 grade level league (Grade level your player is CURRENTLY in)

-This is 7v7 flag football

-4 downs to get a 1st down(midfield) and 4 more downs to score

-70 yard x 30 yard field

-Turnover on downs, no punting.

-Interceptions are automatically downed.

-No down field blocking.

-Offensive Lineman are eligible to catch a pass.

-Two 25 min halves with a running clock.

-More information to come with the rules.

Most of our competitors play spring flag football in a league in Kenosha.  Due to our communities being heavily involved with other sports, baseball, soccer, etc., and usually not having the time to commit to such a drive.  It was decided to form the ACYFL and allow us all to be much closer to home and be more flexible for other sport’s schedules.

Our goal for spring 7v7 flag football is to get our QBs and receivers a chance to start to gel early before our tackle season and work on pass coverage for our defensive backs and linebackers.  You can expect them to learn techniques specifically related to offensive passing concepts and pass defense. Therefore, this will primarily be a team for skill position players (QB, RB, TE, LB and DB)  A great season for us would be to hone some of our pass plays, routes and defensive coverages.  Linemen are certainly allowed and welcome to sign up but may not see as much carryover or benefit to our tackle team.


Please check out our “Register” page to sign up!

If you have any questions please reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Have an amazing day!


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