Good Morning Comet Parents!

It’s hard to believe, but this week will be the last for some of our Comet teams in 2019! We had and exciting weekend last week with all Comet teams. Only one team was at home (1st/2nd) and all the others were on the road! The Flag team hosted their Sat game on Thursday night. They will do the same tomorrow. Two of our six tackle teams (1st/2nd & 5th) notched victories this past weekend and remain in the playoff hunt! If they win this weekend, they will advance to the Super Bowl held next Saturday Oct 26th at Carthage College Stadium.

This Saturday 10/19, at 9 AM the 1st/2nd grade team will play Horlick Rebels (#1 seed) @ Horlick HS in a semi-final game. The 3rd/4th grade team will play at home 9 AM against Horlick Rebels Scarlett (3-4). The 5th grade will be at Horlick Rebels Gray (#1 seed) at 11 AM. This will be their 2nd mtg as they came up short by a score of only 6-20 back on 9/24/19. The 6th grade is at home 11 AM playing Kenosha BGC Lancers (4-3). The 7th grade is at Waterford Case Eagle Park 1 PM playing a team they battled very close (8-14) back on 9/28/19.

And our 8th grade team is playing Bayview Redcats at 2 PM at their future Home Field in 2020 @ RBCHS!


Looking out past this weekend….

1st/2nd grade – Regardless of their outcome this Saturday in the playoffs, they will have their 8th game of the season next weekend. It will be at an away site with a neutral opponent in the event of a loss, and if they win…Super Bowl.

3rd/4th grade will complete their season this Sat at home! Directors and team moms will be reaching out for any available volunteers now. Thank you!

5th grade is in the playoffs and will play in the Super Bowl at Carthage College with a win this Sat. If not, their season will be over this week.

6th grade will play at home this Sat 11 AM following the 3rd/4th grade game at 9 AM. They also have a chance to also play an addtl consolation game next Sat at home at 11 AM.

7th grade will end their season on the road at Waterford this Saturday 1 PM.

8th grade will end their season at RBCHS this Saturday at 2 PM.



Equipment return will begin NEXT week Tues thru Thur based upon teams finishing the season this weekend. You will receive an email with the day and time scheduled this Sunday.

Prior to returning equipment:

1.    All helmets must be wiped down inside and out with Clorox wipes or sanitary cleaners.

2.    Remove the chinstraps, mouth pieces, and any “team” stickers please.

3.    Shoulder Pads should also be wiped down with Clorox wipes or sanitary cleaners.

4.    If you want to keep game/practice pants, that’s fine. If not, they must be washed prior to turn in.

5.    Practice Jerseys, same as above.

6.    Coaches equipment, same as above. Helmet kits, Football Bags, Med kits, etc.

7.    Parents will be given back their refund checks immediately upon return of ALL Comet equipment.

8.    Equipment Returns will be held at Spring Grove Park Garage when announced.


Banquet 2019

Saturday 11/9/19 from 11 AM to 3 PM at Lakemoor Union Hall. RSVP’s and payments required with an announced deadline!

This is a great event held annually, and a time to recognize all players, coaches, parents, sponsors for their contributions.

More event flyers coming out this week!


This Thursday at practice will be the last practice for several teams. So this will be the LAST time that ALL Comet teams will be on the practice field together in 2019.

As tradition goes, we will have a few special activities.

The 8th grade team will lead warm-up’s at the beginning of practice from the north end zone facing south. All other teams in grade order (7th thru Flag) will be lining up their teams south of the 8th graders, facing north…..7th, the 6th, and so on.

After this is done, all teams will form a tunnel towards mid field for the 8th grade players and coaches to walk thru and all other players can congratulate them for ALL the great seasons with the Comets!

The 8th grade will also make “the call” from mid field and teams will then break apart into their normal practice groups and areas.

At some point during practice the 8th grade and Flag team will have a few fun games and drills on the game field.

Take lots of pictures!


Below are the final results from Week # 7.

2019 Comet Sponsors

Listed below are the wonderful sponsors that have stepped up and helped us out in 2019!

Each week Spring Grove Insurance donates $25 for every HOME Team TD!

The Spring Grove Insurance touchdown donation this week was $75!

Below is the link to get a quote!

(815) 675-2138


IHSA Week # 8 Friday NIGHT LIGHTS!

RB Rockets (7-0) AT Johnsburg (3-4)!!


Varsity 7 PM



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