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Despite the heavy storms on Friday night, we prevailed this past Saturday and were able to complete ALL scheduled Comet games at our 2019 Fiesta Bowl. We had an all-star lineup of competition in town and we played our hearts out in all games. Even though we came up short on most of them, there was some real good football action this weekend. Of the six visiting teams that were in town this past weekend, they had a combined total of only a handful of loses amongst all six opponents.

So we now officially move into Week # 6 today of the 2019 Football season!

This Saturday we have three teams at home. Flag at 8 AM, 6th Grade playing UG (1-3) at 9 AM, and 7th grade playing AYFA Black (5-0). On the road our 1st/2nd grade play at Horlick (4-0) at 9 AM, and the 3rd/4th grade play @ UG (2-2) also 9 AM. The 5th grade plays at 11 AM against UG (4-1) at 11 AM, while our 8th grade has the “under the lights” game in Kenosha at 7 PM against Boys and Girls Club (2-3).

After this Saturday’s games, our following weeks schedule will be decided weekly on all Sunday morning’s starting 10/6. After all SEYFA games have played on each Saturday, and communicated to the scheduler, he will review them all, schedule them accordingly (playoff vs non-playoff), send them to all community leaders to review, approve, and then receive clearance to post them with all of the communities. This process will stay the same for the final 2-3 weekends of the season. So basically games need to be played, results gathered, then the next weeks opponents paired up and scheduled accordingly. If you are not a playoff team, you will most likely get paired up with a similar competitive opponent. Any questions please see your Head Coach.

Below are the final results from Week # 5.

Week # 6 Upcoming Games

Just a couple housekeeping items…


2.     Homecoming Parade on Thursday RBCHS – On Thur Oct 3rd, the RBCHS homecoming parade will start to assemble their parade lineup at 630 PM. Those that are pulling floats or driving pickup trucks (parade participants) should enter by that time or shortly before and enter directly thru the Tryon Grove Rd entrance at RBCHS. There will be someone at the entrance and they will personally direct you from the road to the parade line up area from there. They will not allow general viewing guests to enter that driveway. So those that are attending the parade as guests or dropping off kids, can enter the main RT 31 entrance and park in the normal parking area. After parking, you should then proceed to walk with your child to the North side (Tryon Grove entrance) and find your float or specific teams gathering.

If your kids are younger and you can stay and help watch the kids for the 40 mins before the parade starts, that would be great. Once the parade starts we will also need a few extra coaches/parents to walk alongside the float/trailer with the younger kids so they travel safely. We will ask the kids to remain seated on the trailer floor while the parade is moving. We also ask the kids in the pickup trucks to not lean over the sides of the bed or tailgate. The parade will proceed thru the parking lot on a small route. Keep in mind there will be 4 class floats, several football team floats (Frosh/JV/Varsity), RBCHS Cheer, Comets Football, Comets Cheer, Homecoming Court…so plenty of cars/trucks/trailers. Immediately after the parade, identify where your kids team float is, and you can pick them up. Kids can bring candy for the floats in the parade if they so choose.

If you stay for the bonfire which is generally after the parade, that will be held in the South end zone. You can’t miss it!

There should also be concessions too at RB.

Wear your Comet Jerseys to the parade, and to the homecoming game Friday Night!

This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland: Dance through the looking glass.

And the Powderpuff football game is before the parade if you so choose to attend.

3.     We’ve included just one picture of the many things that we are thankful for each and every day. A BIG Thank YOU to our Military Veterans, active and reserve, and all First Responders that we had this weekend!

If anyone has any additional pictures from this past Saturday please share them with us. Even of the kids that took the tours in the ladder trucks and Emergency Vehicles!



2019 Comet Sponsors

Listed below are the wonderful sponsors that have stepped up and helped us out in 2019!

Each week Spring Grove Insurance donates $25 for every HOME Team TD!

The Spring Grove Insurance touchdown donation this week was $225!

Below is the link to get a quote!

(815) 675-2138

Friday 10/4/19 HOMECOMING!

Rockets vs Woodstock Blue Streaks!



Varsity 7 PM


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