Good Morning Comet Parents!

Believe it or not, week one is now in the books! Time sure fly’s by when we’re having fun!

Thanks to all those that volunteered this past week to help during our FULL line-up and home opener! Many hands working together makes little work for all to enjoy.

The weather was spectacular, and the 7th grade final game was even treated to some local fireworks post game!

Below are the results from Week # 1. There are no games THIS weekend (8/31) as we will observe the Labor Day holiday. Practice will also be on a pretty steady schedule for a while.

We will resume games the following weekend on 9/7/19.


What this means is that all the Comet players wear their jerseys to the game on Friday, and get free admission.

They also generally wear their jerseys to school on all Fridays during the season.

Varsity game time is posted as 7 PM but will probably start around 715 based upon the ending of the 5 PM Freshman game. Plan to arrive at around 6:15 PM so the coaches can gather all players and be prepared to make the tunnel PRIOR to the Freshman game ending as the Varsity will immediately come out.

This should be around 645-655 so the players will need to be organized and “in line” BEFORE that.

Coaches will gather their players/teams together, and line up oldest teams closest to the HS, youngest towards playing field.

After the players go thru the Comet tunnel, the pressbox announcer will announce the teams onto the “track” around the field, and players will line up in front of the bleachers.

After everyone is announced, they will do the Comet Call, and exit the playing area for the start of the Varsity game.

Cheer will also be present for this!


8311 State Rt 31

Richmond, IL 60071

Practice next TWO weeks

FINAL Supplemental Order for Jamboree T-shirts!

Due to the overwhelming demand, we’re placing ONE FINAL T-shirt order Wednesday AM.

If you’re interested, please let your team mom know or Abi ASAP

2019 Comet Sponsors

There’s still a couple days to be a 2019 Comet Sponsor. We’re using these funds to supply each Comet team with Hudl access.

All teams have been sponsored thus far but 1st/2nd grade and 3rd/4th grade. 8/28/19 is the deadline.

Please let us know if you’re interested!

Helmet Decals

Our helmet decals are done and came in Friday night. Rather than forcing them on this past Sat AM and having a variety of application issues, we will apply them all during practice over the next two weeks and we’ll be ready for week #2 games.

Week # 2 Schedule 9/7/19

Sunday 9/15/19 – NMS Color Run – To support building a new track for NMS!

Flyers below:

Each week Spring Grove Insurance donates $25 for every HOME Team TD!

The Spring Grove Insurance touchdown donation this week was $175!

Below is the link to get a quote!

(815) 675-2138




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