Greetings Comet Parents!

We’re hoping that your 2019 is going well, and that Mother Nature will soon be bringing you all into the Spring season quickly.

It’s been just over 4 months since our 2018 Banquet and our Comet Directors have been busy the past several weeks working on the 2019 Football Season plans.

Our website is still currently under construction, but much is happening behind the scenes including registration planning, website changes, jersey and uniform selections, etc..

The SEYFA League has hosted 2 league meetings, and two rules meetings. The Comet Coaches will meet this month as well before Spring Break.

A few changes coming this season for our Comets will be:

1.      Moving the date of our normal annual April Equipment Fitting/Regst date at SG Grade School into May to our Equipment Storage facility (actual announcement date still pending).

2.      “On-Line” Registration will begin in April of this year!

a.      Early bird discounts will only be for ALL registrations done “on-line” in April.

b.      Equipment Fittings, and Late registrations (addtl fee), will take place on a date (Saturday) in May at Thelen Park.

c.       No Fundraiser will be required in 2019.

d.      Volunteer agreements will remain the same in 2019

e.      Flag Registration will remain the same.

f.        Registration fees have increased slightly in 2019 (perhaps the first time in over a decade) but basically just to include a portion of the old fundraiser fee.

g.      Several payment options will be made available

This email is being sent to just relay the message of our upcoming changes and begin getting the word out. We will also use Facebook and other means of media releases.

If you know of anyone NEW that’s interested in joining the Comets Football program, please pass along their name and contact information to us and we will keep them updated with all upcoming news.


  1. Mike Busa on April 1, 2019 at 10:25 am

    Looking for online registration form.

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