Good Morning Comet Parents

Hoping this email finds all of you safe and doing well. This is just another update to let everyone know where we stand for our 2020 Football Season. It’s been 6 weeks since our last update. Our league met virtually again last Wednesday night for our regularly scheduled May mtg. Like so many other sports being delayed or postponed, we are also awaiting orders for restrictions to clearly, safely, and legally be lifted within our area and others. As we all agreed to during our meeting on Wednesday night, we are now basically 9 weeks into this order since it officially started. The good news is that we’re still 11 weeks away from our actual practice start date. All of us, like you..hope and pray that we continue to progress forward to a point that we can return “on time” as scheduled and SAFELY.

Our biggest challenge is generally registration linked to uniforms and fitting. It’s not too difficult to set up our website to collect fees from everyone, but rather getting everyone properly fitted for uniforms/equipment, ordered on time, and received before our start date is the biggest obstacle. We’d rather not collect money UNTIL we have a green light to go, so that can just wait for now. We are currently as a league reviewing all uniform suppliers to see what the best quality, price, and turnaround time is available. Some suppliers are as low as three weeks. So having said that, in a perfect world IF restrictions were lifted by mid-July, regst could quickly follow. Again, that’s the perfect storm. Until then, we will continue to wait this out together.  

We also realize there are many other things in life (vs sports) that most of you are thinking about these days, therefore this email is intended to lessen any additional stress about registration, etc. Rest assured, when the gates begin to will all be the first to know.

Our next SEYFA league mtg is scheduled 6/10/20 @ 6 PM. We will send another update out that weekend unless any other important news comes sooner.

1.      June 22nd thru 25th is still the proposed date for the Rocket Camp

2.      A proposed practice start date for 2020 is 8/3/20

3.      If dates stand as proposed above, the ending date of the season will be 10/31/20

4.      Comet/Rocket Night proposed date is 9/4/20

5.      Banquet proposal so far is 11/8/20

We want to wish you all a continued Safe, Healthy May!

God Bless you all and our thoughts and prayers for better days ahead!


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