Good Afternoon Comet Parents!
1.      Another great weekend of Comet Football!
2.      Last Friday our RBCHS Rockets won 34-7 over Rochelle and now are 3-0 for the season. They play again this coming Friday at 7 PM at Plano who is 2-0 for the year. The address is 704 W Abe St Plano, IL 60545. JV game is 5 PM.
3.      Our 2021 Sponsor banner went up last Sat AM! Thank you to all who’ve donated to our program! You can check it out at any of the 2021 home games!
4.      This past weekend was our 9/11 games. One of the only two big hosting dates at home for us in 2021. The Fiesta Bowl is the other and it’s held on 10/2 which is week #5. We’d like to personally thank everyone who helped during the day, and the several we were there thru the week getting things ready, painting the fields late into the night Friday, and picking up trash on Sunday! Your dedication never goes unnoticed!
5.      One thing we appear to have lost some touch with, is our volunteer requirements and what it does for our program. Having a full year away from football in 2020 we really missed the chance of many new training opportunities for new people. We now have lots of new faces in our program in 2021. Our Volunteer information is and has always been posted on our website at   Our program runs many fine opportunities and functions as you’ll notice thru your seasons travel at other communities parks. Our Parks are awesome, our concessions are excellent, and our game day experience is usually second to none. This is all primarily due to volunteers and sponsors. We absolutely need them to be effective. We can certainly function with just bare bones basics, without concessions, or announcers, etc…but not without a clean maintained park and a score clock. And we all certainly want well more than just that and that’s why we do what we do. If you’ve signed up to volunteer for a Comets function, and cannot make it…please call someone or let us know as the show will go on but we need to fill the void ASAP. If volunteering is not in your plan in 2021, we certainly understand that and we will then just follow our protocol per family/player fee and hire the help needed to complete the job/task. If you want to donate more time like a handful of others, that’s fine and certainly appreciated as well. Please see your Team mom this week and see where you can help by week # 5 as per the volunteer schedule. Thank you!!
6.      Picture Day HAS ARRIVED! Parents please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time tonight.  Teams should meet outside the concession stand according to the schedule. Randy Vinyard will be there all night to assist Vince/photographer. It’s a smooth process as long as everyone cooperates.  Literally less than 30 seconds per player.
7.      Thursday 9/23/21 will be Rocket Homecoming of which we participate in their parade at RBCHS. This year Homecoming parade at RB is NOT in trucks/trailers – different teams will March around the track. Flags/banners encouraged. Practice next week will most likely be Mon thru Wed for 3rd thru 8th, and Mon and Wed Flag thru 2nd.
8.      SPIRITWEAR – New spirit wear is in the trailer. Online orders should be in this week or early next week
Week # 2 Results
Week # 3 Schedule – 3 teams Home (green), 4 traveling, one BYE.
Thank you Jason & Family! 9-11 Eve
Go Comets and Rockets!

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