Good AM Comet Parents!

  1. FIRST WEEK of practice is in the books for most! If any players did not complete 3 full days of conditioning, that must be done prior to wearing full gear and contact. Your coach will advise also.
  2. This week of practice for tackle players is Mon thru Thursday for grades 3rd thru 8th. Grades 1st and 2nd will practice Tues thru Thur. Flag is Tues AND Thur only.
  3. Tackle practices for this week thru the week of 8/28 will remain the same. After the first game on 8/28 the practice days will only be Tues thru Thur going forward for grades 3rd thru 8th. For the 1st/2nd grade team ONLY, they are restricted to two practices a week only so Tues and Thur only starting week five after 8/28.

4.       I’m being told NMS will have an open house 8/16 so please be in tune to your teams possible changes that date.

  1. We want to personally thank ALL the coaches for doing such a fine job getting the season off to a great start!
  2. Also thanks to Kristin, Abi, Jason, and all parents assisting with gear and the fields behind the scene! HUGE undertaking and contribution!
  3. EQUIPMENT – last notice we had last week is that after a 20%  increase in new registration, an equipment shortage, etc, etc….we were only about 5 helmets short for players. Also possibly three players that hadn’t been to practice of fitted yet?
    1. We’ve spent numerous hours and jumping hurdles searching for helmets thru suppliers, HS’s, local communities, and on-line.
    2. We believe we have enough now to fully supply all players.
    3. If you are missing a helmet or have ANY issues with gear please see your coach, arrange a visit with Kristin at the garage, and let’s move forward.
    4. Please also be patient if there is a line in the garage or others are being assisted. We WILL get to everyone and resolve ALL equipment issues.

8.       New uniforms have arrived for those that signed up for the normal sign up times and fitting dates. We will be scheduling this soon and let you know when you will receive them.

9.       The 2021 Season Schedule is being finalized today and should be previewed by community leaders early this week for approval by late this week.

10.   And after 4 full days of scheduling, our Jamboree schedule was submitted yesterday to the league for review and approval this week.

a.       86 teams participating 8/21/21 at our park

b.       138 total scrimmages thru the day

c.       1st thru 4th grade – 830-1030

d.       5th thru 6th grade – 1230-230

e.       7th thru 8th grade – 430-630

f.        We will need LOTS of parents/coaches help on this date outside of your child’s scheduled game time. Team moms will be reaching out soon with a sign up sheet.

g.       This is clearly the single biggest day for our program

  1. If you have copies of Birth Certs for NEW players to turn in yet OR DEPOSITS, please do so ASAP! Thank you!
  2. I had several parents approach me after Newbie Camp and the Parent mtg offering athletic tape (white 2” or so), stretchy pre-wrap, ice packs, bee sting relief, etc…we are still willing to accept any of this! Please see Abi/Kristin, or myself.
  3. I’ve attached a 2021 Sponsor form for anyone interested in supporting our program with a sponsorship. There’s a variety of levels including HUDL sponsors for parents of their sons team as Hudl fees are $400 per team.


a.    Flag – C. Clark

b.    1st/2nd Grade – C. Clark & J. Johnson

c.    3rd/4th Grade – A Haase

d.    5th Grade – None

e.    6th Grade – None

f.     7th Grade – None

g.    8th Grade – Wayne’s Pizza

Go Comets!

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