Good Morning Comet Parents!

Hoping this email finds all of you safe, and your family well. This is just another monthly update to let everyone know where we stand for our 2020 Football Season.

Our league met “face to face” last Wednesday night 6/10/20 in Racine for our regularly scheduled June mtg. We continue awaiting orders for restrictions to clearly, safely, and legally be lifted within our area and many others. Wisconsin certainly has less restrictions than IL at present, but there are still no football programs up and running. In fact…Milwaukee County has separate restrictions than several of their other surrounding counties in our league.

We now have basically just completed about 12 weeks of C-19 restrictions in IL since it officially started. And yet we are still 7 weeks away from our original practice start date, and 11 weeks from our first scheduled game. Based on the number of changes that have transpired that past 6 weeks we want to believe several other changes are forthcoming sooner than later so we added a virtual league mtg on 7/1/20, and then a face to face mtg 7/15/20. High schools have opened a LTD practice “training” with restricted numbers, and there’s indication of further restrictions being lifted in early July that could change the youth footprint.

Because the HS still has restrictions, we will NOT be having the Rocket Camp the week of 6/22/20, but Coach Noll mentioned they will try to still host a camp at a later date when restrictions are lifted. We will keep you posted. 

As stated last month our biggest challenge is generally registration linked to uniforms and fitting. It’s not too difficult to set up our website to collect fees from everyone, but rather getting everyone properly fitted for uniforms/equipment, ordered on time, and received before our start date is the biggest obstacle. We’d rather not collect money UNTIL we have a green light to go, so that can just wait for now. We have reviewed several uniform suppliers to see what the best quality, price, and turnaround time is available. We will continue to do that up until the gates are lifted and we can begin.

During our mtg last Wed night the communities were asked to give a forecasted team count. Based on the feedback our league is forecasting an 18% increase overall in teams adding 13 new ones in 2020. The largest increases were at 3rd/4th , 5th, and 7th grades (3-4 teams plus). We forecasted one team at each grade level.

To maintain that commitment and to help us plan accordingly, we have opened up the 2020 REGISTRATION TODAY. You can sign up only as this will give us an indication of who is playing when/if everything plays out in favor of a safe return. We do not want to collect ANY money at this point, but to get a very accurate count of players.

– We will be using TeamSnap again so registrants must have a TeamSnap account.

– Fees will be charged at a later date once we know the 2020 season is moving forward.

– Fees will be same as last year $343 for tackle and $80 for flag.

The link for Tackle regst (Grades 1st thru 8th) :

The link for Flag (Ages 4 thru 6) :


We strongly encourage everyone to sign up now to help us better understand team sizes, player needs, equip needs, and commitment to the league.

Other news…

1.      June 22nd thru 25th is POSTPONED for the Rocket Camp

2.      Our proposed practice start date for 2020 is 8/3/20

3.      If dates stand as proposed above, the ending date of the season will be 10/31/20

4.      Comet/Rocket Night proposed date is 9/4/20

5.      Banquet proposal so far is 11/8/20

6.      The Helmet Club Golf Outing is 8/21/20 (form attached)

We want to wish you all a continued Safe, Healthy June!


God Bless you all and our thoughts and prayers for better days ahead! J



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