Good Afternoon Comet Parents!

Sad that it is over, but at least the 2019 Comets Football Season ended BEFORE the snow arrived!

Just a few important updates….

1.     The Final Equip turn in is tonight. It’ll be mostly the 1st/2nd grade team as they played their final game last Sat. We have also reached out to several families that missed the 10/23 equip turn in date last Wed. We’re hoping that everyone that missed can make it tonight to SGP starting at 5 PM as after this weekend it’s too time consuming to chase this down.

2.     The banquet is at 11 AM NEXT Sat 11/9. The deadline for signing up for the banquet is this Sat night. This will be the final notification to all parents to sign up  ASAP if you have not yet registered. Our food order is going into the caterer this Sunday AM. The banquet is always a wonderful event that we recognize all players, coaches, and sponsors for their tremendous support.

3.     If RBCHS is in the playoffs or playing on the same date as our banquet next week (11/9), we’ll just make plans for the Rocket Senior Player Guests (Comet to Rocket winners) that generally attend our event to meet up on another date during Christmas break as we did in 2018. We certainly wish them the very best and perhaps our schedules do not conflict on 11/9.

IHSA Week 1 Playoffs: RB vs Urban Prep Bronzeville

This Saturday Nov 2 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
@ Rocket Stadium

8311 N Rt. 31 Richmond, Il 60071

Happy Halloween!

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