Good Afternoon Comet Parents!
School has officially started in all neighboring states and the Labor Day Holiday is now behind us!
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Football Season…
This week we prepare for regular season Game # 2!
Our opening week went pretty well back on 8/27 and we were able to get all games in without any weather issues! Overall a pretty great day! The only feedback to possibly share is some of the animation and extended voices from our sideline during one of our younger level teams at home. Parents and coaches please just remember it’s a long journey in years, so sit back and enjoy the ride. All comments directed towards officials and/or play calling should not be heard across the playing field. There’s protocol in place to address concerns in a respectable manner in youth sports. Swift and immediate response is generally the repercussion from the officials and/or the league if it’s deemed necessary. Lets not be the example as it’s generally not a pleasant result for anyone. The same scenario holds true at practices. As mentioned at the 8/1 Parent mtg, please always take a moment and gather your thoughts to share within the proper confines or a private setting if something needs to be addressed that is questionable, and expect it to be addressed. Thank you!
Below are the results from Week # 1. The Comets were .500 as a group and battled many good opponents. Some real exciting football at home and on the road. This week we host FLAG and only TWO tackle games. The Tackle games for 3rd/4th Maroon and 7th grade are later than posted previously this season due to unavailability of officials having conflict with HS games this Saturday.
Our RBCHS Rockets are 2-0 in 2022!
The Rockets will play this Friday at Home 7 PM against Marengo Indians (1-1)
This week 3rd thru 8th Grade Tues thru Thur ONLY 530-730 PM
1st/2nd Grade Tues AND Thur only 530-730
This will again remain like this for some time unless a specific grade level has a school scheduling conflict or other issue such as RB Homecoming week later this month.
2022 Schedules
They were officially released a few weeks ago. And as much as we all want to believe they will not change, some things can indeed do that including availability of officials (as stated above), weather, school functions, field availability. The 8th Grade schedule changed last week for the league. Updates are posted on the SEYFA website. Game times at HOME this week were also changed as stated above.
Equipment Issues
We should now be well beyond any equipment issues. This week we will review what equipment is remaining and what we’re sending in for re-certification for the 2023 season only to get further ahead and beat the year end rush. ANY equipment reviews or exchanges MUST go thru the Equipment Directors or coaches.
Rocket Homecoming
Thursday 9/22/22 at RBCHS instead of Comet Practice at Thelen Park. More to follow
Picture Day
We are reviewing the possibility of 9/26. Stand by for more details
Super Bowl Weekend or Final SEYFA Weekend
October 29th 2022
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Thank you!
Go Comets!

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