Good Morning Comet Parents!

Organization Update: 

Week one of Pre-Season “Conditioning” is in the books for all those that completed three days of this activity this week! And some of you have also had one day in pads!

ALL Players MUST complete THREE FULL conditioning practices before ANY contact practices. If you missed any one of the days Mon thru Thur this week, you WILL still be required to fulfill all three of the conditioning dates first before any practice or live contact in pads.

Preliminary rosters were due to the league on Monday 8/1/22 and they were in fact submitted from the Comets. The second draft is DUE 8/19/22 (day before Jamboree and official weigh-in), and the FINAL 8/26/22 the day before season opener.

Our league rules are posted on the leagues website.

This is a great time to review these prior to the start of season. Lots to read. And lots to learn. Even from those that have played prior, many changes were done over the offseason.

Games schedules are currently being reviewed. Our rules state the following regarding Games and Practices:

12.1. Official SEYFA Games

12.1.1. All teams will be guaranteed 7 games in a given season. Eight (8) games may be played in a particular grade level if there are an even number of teams at that grade level.

12.2. Conditioning

12.2.1. Each year, beginning week 1, communities may offer 8 hours of conditioning or camp for players. A minimum of 6 hours of conditioning must be completed by a player before they can wear pads. Fundamentals and conditioning must be done in a group setting. Players may wear helmets during conditioning week. No other pads are allowed during conditioning.

12.2.2. The full week following the conditioning week in August and all subsequent weeks leading up to the start of school will be full equipment practice for a maximum of 8 hours per week for grades 5th through 8th and a maximum of 6 hours per week for grades 1st through 4th . Review of video as a team counts towards the weekly practice limits.

12.3. Practice

12.3.1. After the 1st regular season game, a maximum of 6 hours per week is allowed for grades 3 through 8th grade and a maximum of 4 hours for grades 1st and 2nd. Review of video as a team counts towards the weekly practice limits.

So based upon our league rules, TACKLE practices next week for grades 5th thru 8th will be Mon thru Thursday. Grades 1st thru 4thwill be Tuesday thru Thursday.


52 of our 60 helmets pending from Riddell are due in today (FINALLY)! This week we have fitted all 6th thru 8th grade teams w/helmets and shoulder pads. The 5th grade will be done on Monday. 1st thru 4th shortly afterwards if not the same day. All of these teams will be fitted based upon coordination between the Head Coaches and equip directors. As of last night we had 131 helmets on hand for 82 players yet in need. This does not even include the 52 that are arriving today. So our math says we should have nearly 100 extra when this is over. We will however have some in various colors (green/white/maroon) so we will need to paint those that are NOT maroon. We will supply the paint and labor to get this done. As stated in several emails, at Newbie Camp, and the Parent mtg, equipment supply issues have been and continue to be horrible across the country. Four other neighboring communities in our league are still in search of large qtys of helmets and shoulder pads. When our equipment handout is fully complete in the next week or so, we will evaluate the remaining, look to assist other communities as they have us, and send the balance in for reconditioning (if needed) at once to prevent unexpected delays in 2023.

Concessions Update

We have not received any volunteers to help run concessions this season so we will begin reviewing other alternatives. A few inquiries but nothing permanent. If you are interested and perhaps just missed the last request, please feel free to reach out ASAP. Unfortunately this would be the first year in several decades that we have not had families step up to this role if indeed the position is not filled.

TEST CallMultiplier TEXT Function

As stated at the Parent Mtg Monday night, we sent a TEXT message to all parents on Wednesday July 27th. We use this method of communication for emergencies, weather related issues at practices/games, or very quick updates needed to the organization. We found out on the 7/27 text that it missed a large group of our parents and have since corrected the database with our service provider.

We will send another text today AROUND noon just to see how many parents we reach and if we need any other further corrections.

Please reach out to us if you did NOT receive this text today and you DO want to be included. 


If you have a balance due (regst or deposit) or still need to provide us with a copy of a Birth Certificate, please bring this to Practice.

If anyone is interested in the Comets Concession Director position for the 2022 season please reach out to us. This can also be two people or a shared position if desired.



Saturday August 20th, 2022 Times/sessions based on grade levels. This will be a very large event requiring LOTS of volunteers.

Opening Game

Saturday August 27th, 2022

Picture Day

Will be based upon availability of Photographer

We expect to have some tentative date(s) late next week.

Labor Day Weekend OFF

September 3rd, 2022

Super Bowl Weekend or Final SEYFA Weekend

October 29th 2022

If you feel that you’ve received this message in error please let us know and we can remove your email from our email listing.

Thank you!

Go Comets


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    Do you have the game schedule with times yet?

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