Good Morning Comet Parents
The 2019 Comets Football Banquet is “BOOKED”. The food is ordered and the table set-up’s are now reserved!!!
It will again be held this year at Countryside Banquets and Conference Center, 28874 Rte. 120, Lakemoor. We have sent numerous emails, made contacts thru Team Moms and Coaches both at practice and email. We have already locked in our attendance numbers with the banquet hall for the facility and the caterer. Unfortunately there will be no walk-up registrations accepted at the door as we will not have seating or food reservations planned for this in advance.
The banquet will not be assigned seating this year, but we ask that all parents please sit WITH their children to keep noise levels at a minimum during presentations. There will be 8 seats per table so please plan accordingly if you want to sit with others. In the end, there will be seating set aside for exactly the number of people registered on attending and all tables and chairs will be filled. We also ask that the younger players stay seated at tables with parental supervision and not running thru the facility. We understand the energy level these kids have and want to do our best to prevent them from running around the facility or creating any issues with the facility.
Please plan to arrive well BEFORE the start of the event to prevent delay of starting time and/or disruptions. When you arrive you will immediately check-in at the door on the pre-registration listing so we can confirm our attendance. We have a strict timeline for the event and our agenda is meant to get thru for this as planned or sooner if at all possible.
As luck would have it again as it has so many times over the years….”Our RBCHS Rockets” have advanced to Round 2 of the IHSA playoffs and play at 1 PM at home. IF everyone can comply with everything that we are asking at the event, we should easily be done have time to make it for some of the action at RB.
We have a few brief comments in the beginning of the banquet, and we will move directly into the lunch portion. Because the Rocket Sr players will be unavailable again this year, we will be able to take this off the agenda of presentation of Comet to Rocket awards. Also, new this year volunteer parents, coaches, and board members will serve all guests in the food lines to keep things moving along quickly. Immediately after lunch we will go into the awards by team, and then draw the raffle prizes, close the banquet, and clean up.
The banquet is held each year to recognize the hard work that our Comets players and Coaches have put in this season. Please come and enjoy dinner, awards, raffles and prizes!
PLEASE Contact Leslie Nelson if you have any corporate/personal donations that you would be willing to offer for our prize raffle.  (<>) 815-693-2006.
On behalf of all the Coaches for the Stateline Comets Football Program, we thank you for your support in what we feel has already been another absolutely outstanding year.

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