Good Afternoon Comet Parents!
This week we begin preparing for regular season Game # 6!
For those that play their 6th game this Saturday, they will be ¾ complete for 2022 already.
This past weekend was an AWESOME Day for all Comets teams as we held our annual Fiesta Bowl!
ALL Comet teams were at home! The weather was FANTASTIC and the help was also outstanding!
We hosted a Flag game and SIX tackle games!
Below are the results from Week # 5.
The 1st/2nd Maroon team came out on top of our Gold team 20-6. I believe that ties their two year series now!
The 3rd/4th Maroon team won 18-6 against the Gold team. Great job to both teams!
The 5th graders put another notch in their belt with a 12-0 shutout against Johnsburg!
The 6th graders are back on track winning 35-0 over Johnsburg.
The 7th grade also had a great game winning 18-7 over Johnsburg.
And our 8th grade team took out their broom to finish the sweep of the day winning 50-13 over Johnsburg.
This week our Flaggers kickoff the day again at 8 AM.
Then at 9 AM our 1st/2nd Maroon Team plays UG (0-5).
At 10 AM is 5th Grade is at Waterford (4-1).
At 11 AM @ home the 1st/2nd Grade Gold team plays Park (4-1).
At 1 PM @ home the 3rd/4th Grade Maroon team plays Waterford Green (4-1).
At 2 PM @ Waterford, the 6th graders will play (4-1) Waterford.
At 3 PM our final home game of the day, will feature our 3rd/4th Grade Gold team against Waterford White (5-0).
Our 7th graders have a BYE.
And the 8th Grade team plays at 4 PM against Waterford (4-1).
Looks to be a pretty tough week of football! Good luck to all of you!
Again…another BIG thank you to ALL volunteers YTD assisting in the many areas within the program! Your help is greatly realized and appreciated. Whether you’re in the concession stand, cooking, painting the awesome field on Friday night, in the pressbox, fixing scoreboards and flags, picking up garbage, setting up fields, Field Marshalling, etc, etc…YOU make a difference! It’s been awesome meeting and working with so many new folks while volunteering and getting a chance to see so many great people, residents, neighbors, and community members! THIS is what makes us special!
We only host 4 tackle games this Saturday and one Flag, and the week of 10/15 we have no home games scheduled as of yet. If you have volunteer time to make up, time available will be limited. Our home games are not guaranteed and will most likely be much less each and every week from here forward. Grades 5th thru 8th are actually awaiting this weekends results to determine who/where they’ll play on 10/15. We’ve attached a playoff format from the SEYFA website far below. You’ll need to check the website for actual standings.
Our RBCHS Rockets are now 6-0 in 2022! – RB 31 vs Morris 7
The Rockets will play this Friday night at Home 7 PM against Johnsburg (3-3).
As stated in the Village Newsletter – Your Parks are Under Attack
The Village of Spring Grove and our Public Works department needs help! Unfortunately, vandalism in our parks is continuing, the Village spends thousands of dollars per year in vandalism repairs that could be spent improving our parks! Homes with cameras can be a valuable tool in fighting the vandalism, please notify the Spring Grove Police Department at 815-338-2145 if you have video of any suspicious activity. If you see damage actively being done in one of our parks, please call the Spring Grove Police Department at 815-338-2145. If you see damage, please report it to the Village Hall at 815-675-2121.
Sunday October 9th – Fire Department Pancake Breakfast
Spring Grove Fire Department will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast and Open House at the Spring Grove Fire Department on Sunday, October 9th from 8:00 a.m. to Noon. Meet the Firefighters, slide down the fire pole, spray the fire hose or take a picture with a firefighter!
Cost is $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for children.
Saturday Oct 29th – Super Bowl Weekend or Final SEYFA Weekend
Saturday Nov 5th – Possible Comet Banquet TBD
Similar to last year in true “tailgate” fashion held at Thelen Park, we’re in the process of doing the very same thing. Sunday would be a backup day only based upon adverse weather. Based upon our organizations size and the actual costs to fund this event at other indoor venues (that can accommodate over 600 people), this appears to be the best option. It’s also extremely difficult planning the event each and every year as there are generally conflicts with HS playoffs, Cheer Competition, or others having personal family obligations. It’s unfortunate, but also equally good that our community is doing so well in all areas and we fully support both entities the entire year. In the end, we have to do what’s best for the majority of the organization and honor the kids that we know as Comets and have worked so hard all season.
SEYFA 2022 Playoff Information
Top 2 Teams in each division make the playoffs in 1st/2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th
Division Winners make playoffs in 3rd/4th Grade
5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grades playoffs start October 15rd
1st/2nd &b3rd/4th Grade playoffs start October 22th
Championship Games – Super Bowl
Championship will be played at Pritchard Park on Oct 29.
1st/2nd Grade 9:00
3rd/4th Grade 11:00
5th Grade 1:00
6th Grade 3:00
7th Grade 5:00
8th Grade 7:00
Waking up to a COOL COMET MORNING!
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Thank you!
Go Comets!

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