Good Afternoon Comet Parents



We presently have a weather system forecasted in our area from early evening today until midnight or later. The higher percentages of rain etc, are actually due during tonight’s JV and Varsity football games at Marengo and decrease after midnight or later.

Some of the other youth communities in our SEYFA football league play on their HS field. If the HS cancels any of their football games tonight in their community, that will force the HS into a Saturday rescheduled game, thus moving their youth games way back in the day or perhaps to another day.

Their HS Refs (like ours), are also their Youth refs. So if they are doing the HS games tomorrow AM or afternoon, they’ll be unavailable to ref the Youth games.

I bring this to your attention as obviously we have our own field which is nice, but could experience a “possible” referee availability issue. If that’s the case, you will be notified via email and group TEXT immediately.

Our Rockets game at Marengo tonight was cancelled already within the last couple hours. They will now play at 2 PM tomorrow. JV is possibly Monday?

So with that said, if there are changes for us tomorrow….we will inform you immediately. If not, then it’s it “game on” tomorrow!


Nippersink Middle School put on a Color Fun Run as a fundraiser for their school recently, and several members of the Freshman Football Team showed up to volunteer for the day.

These were our 2018 Comet 8th Graders!

As we enter week 5…whether you are 0-4, or 4-0…or finish the season 0-8 or 8-0…THIS is what’s nice to see in the community!

It was also nice to hear that the NMS kids were excited that the high school football players attended and participated with this fundraiser!

It’s a great example for younger kids to have these boys to look up to as role models.

And maybe someday, they’ll even be back here teaching or coaching?

Very Good Stuff…and not just about wins losses or negative football media. Great job boys!

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