Good Morning Comet Parents!

It has certainly been a different start to the week for week # 5 thus far as 2.5 games last Saturday were cancelled because of thunderstorms and we’ve hosted make-up games the last two nights at our Park and just finally completed all of them last night!

So we are now officially over halfway done and into Week # 5 of the 2019 Football season as we head into Fiesta Bowl weekend hosting ALL Comet teams at home this Saturday!

Last week we had four teams at home and two on the road.

This week we are all at home and we have a fleet of competition coming to town as almost all of our opponents boast good winning records.

Should be some great football action!

Below are the final results from Week # 4.

Week # 5 Upcoming Games

Just a couple housekeeping items…

1.       Volunteers – FINAL REMINDER – If you haven’t logged or scheduled ANY volunteer time by Thursday, we will be depositing the $100 volunteer deposit checks Friday.

So please make sure to reach out to your coach or Team Mom ASAP if you still plan on volunteering. Thanks!

2.       Garbage at the Park – PLEASE make sure to pick up after yourselves, your kids, or your guests at all practices and games. If someone needs reminding, please let us know. We will gladly address it right there on the spot. We take a lot of pride in having nice clean parks, and we want them to stay that way along with our guests sites while we play on the road.. Thanks

3.    Parking Lot and Park Entrance Lights – I have notified the Village to set the timers for the Fall on our Parking Lot, Concession area, and Driveway from Winn Rd lights. It has been dark the last several days at quitting time and shortly before. There have also been a few near misses of accidents pulling with people pulling out onto Winn Rd. Please look both ways! Also, drive SLOW thru the Park please!

2019 Comet Sponsors

Listed below are the wonderful sponsors that have stepped up and helped us out in 2019!

Each week Spring Grove Insurance donates $25 for every HOME Team TD!

The Spring Grove Insurance touchdown donation this week was $300!

Below is the link to get a quote!

(815) 675-2138


Friday 9/27/19 @ HARVARD HS

Rockets @ Marengo!



Varsity 7 PM

Thursday 10/3/19 – Richmond Wrestling Club Sign Up

Thursday October 3rd at Thelen Park.

Ages 5 and UP!

530 PM to 630 PM

A GREAT way to get your child involved into another great sport immediately after football.

If you’re undecided, just give it a try or even talk to several kids that are presently in it for some feedback!


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