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Welcome to Stateline Comets Football

The Stateline Comets Youth Football program is a youth Flag and Tackle football program based in Spring Grove, Illinois, and we welcome players from many neighboring communities. Flag football is available for ages 4-6, and Tackle is offered for Grades 1st thru 8th.

Our program which started in the early 80’s, is known primarily as a youth feeder program for the Richmond-Burton Community High School Rockets. The program has a rich, long standing tradition of giving kids an opportunity to create wonderful lifetime memories.

Our Coaches are all USA Football, and Heads Up Certified. Annual background checks are performed by National Center Safety Initiatives (NCSI) on all coaches prior to coaching.

All players have a starting position on a team and all players play. All team positions are safely regulated by grade, weight, age, and skill level. Teams have maximum ball carrier weights, and weights are monitored annually by the league based upon league weight averages of all teams in all grades.

Skills and Conditioning Camps are held on several dates in June and July, and practices begin in August. Most seasons (games) start on Saturday the week before Labor Day weekend. Then the Holiday is off, and games resume the weekend afterward. Games and playoffs conclude in October and the Comets organization banquet is held the following Saturday or the 1st Saturday in November.

The Stateline Comets Youth Football program's Championship winning tradition has continued from as far back as the 1980’s, and as recent as 2017. But despite just being champions, the Comets real program success is proudly displayed year after year in the Pride, Commitment, and Involvement shown amongst the Players, Parents, Coaches, Families, and Sponsors. When you become a Comet, you are Family.

The Comets are a member of the Southeastern Youth Football Association ( that is located amongst 13 communities in Southeastern Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha counties, and McHenry County in Northern Illinois.


2019 “early bird” discounted online registration begins April 1st 2019. General walk-up registration and OUR ANNUAL required Equipment Fitting will be held on Saturday May 11TH from 8:00 AM to Noon at Thelen Park - 8400 Winn Rd in Spring Grove, IL 60081.

New players, please bring a copy of your birth certificate.

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SLC Week 5 Final and Update 9/30/19

By statelinecomets | September 30, 2019

Good Afternoon Comet Parents! Despite the heavy storms on Friday night, we prevailed this past Saturday and were able to complete ALL scheduled Comet games at our 2019 Fiesta Bowl. We had an all-star lineup of competition in town and we played our hearts out in all games. Even though we came up short on…

Two updates – Tomorrow 9/28/19

By statelinecomets | September 27, 2019

Good Afternoon Comet Parents TWO UPDATES #1 We presently have a weather system forecasted in our area from early evening today until midnight or later. The higher percentages of rain etc, are actually due during tonight’s JV and Varsity football games at Marengo and decrease after midnight or later. Some of the other youth communities…

SLC Week 4 Final and Update 9/25/19

By statelinecomets | September 25, 2019

Good Morning Comet Parents! It has certainly been a different start to the week for week # 5 thus far as 2.5 games last Saturday were cancelled because of thunderstorms and we’ve hosted make-up games the last two nights at our Park and just finally completed all of them last night! So we are now…

Update for the Comets Week # 4…9/20/19

By statelinecomets | September 21, 2019

Good Afternoon Comet Parents Just a few updates for this weekend…. 1.     Weather – There’s a possibility that we may have thunder or lightning at some point tomorrow. If it’s a short storm the game will be delayed 30 minutes from last sighting of lightning. The Coaches and Officials will make the call. If it’s…

SLC Week 3 Final and Update 9/17/19

By statelinecomets | September 18, 2019

Good Morning Comet Parents! Tonight at practice we move into Week # 4 of the 2019 Football season which is the halfway point for some teams. We had two teams at home last weekend and three on the road, and one with a BYE. Below are the results from Week # 3. Week # 4…

SLC Week 2 Final and Update 9/9/19

By statelinecomets | September 9, 2019

Good Morning Comet Parents! We’re moving into Week # 3 of the 2019 Football season and closer to Fall. We had four teams at home last weekend and three on the road. Below are the results from Week # 2. Week # 3 Upcoming Games Just a couple housekeeping items… 1.       Volunteers – If you…

SLC Week 1 Final and Update 8/26/19

By statelinecomets | August 26, 2019

Good Morning Comet Parents! Believe it or not, week one is now in the books! Time sure fly’s by when we’re having fun! Thanks to all those that volunteered this past week to help during our FULL line-up and home opener! Many hands working together makes little work for all to enjoy. The weather was…

[CallMultiplier Alert] Picture Day – Lost Item

By statelinecomets | August 19, 2019

Good Afternoon Comet Parents TONIGHT is PICTURE Comets Picture Night for the 2019 Season! Just a reminder…. 1.    Below is an attachment if you want a HEAD START on Picture Day by paying online, or if you have any other questions.. 2.    If not, we will also have hard copies available tonight to hand out.…

2019 Comets Picture Day

By statelinecomets | August 18, 2019

Hi Parents, Picture day is quickly approaching! Please take a moment to review the following picture day information. Pictures will be taken on the following date(s): Monday, 8/19/2019 Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time to help expedite the process. If you don’t know your scheduled picture time, please check with your coach/teacher/instructor. If you…

2019 SEYFA Rules

By statelinecomets | August 17, 2019